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If you ever wished to create your own Casino Slot Machine Game but don’t have a knowledge of programming or the time required to build everything from scratch, with our help you can get started very easily. Power-packed yet easy to use, our Slot Game Kit will save you hundreds of development hours and help you reach your digital dreams faster than ever.

Classic Seven Slots is your lucky ticket to Free Casino Slot Machines with beautiful themes, Classic Seven Slots, Zombieland and Lucky Farm.

Make a fortune with Huge Wins, Free Daily Wheel Spins, Slot Bonus Games and more...



  • 3 Different Slot Theme + Game Lobby.
  • 2 Different Bonus Games.
  • Free Spins and Win Multiplier.
  • Double Triple your Winning with Gamble.
  • Daily Reward.
  • Redeem Free Chips Every 30 Min.
  • Daily Roulette Spin.
  • Level and Experience Panel.
  • Hold For Auto Spin.
  • Share With Screenshot.
  • Monetization: In Game Store and Ads (AdMob).
  • Wild, Scatters and Expand Wild Symbol Features.
  • Control Approximately Symbol Appearance Percent.
  • Disable and Enable any Symbol on Specific Reel.



Unity 2021.3.1f1.

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