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Connect Light - Unity Game with Admob Integration

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Connect the same color bulb with a line to make them shine and make sure to cover the entire board then you can pass a level successfully. The gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic. Just have a try, and exercise your brain. The rule is that you can only move a shining bulb on top of another shining bulb if both of them have the same color and the tube, want to move into has enough space. always restart the level at any time or retrace your steps one by one using the back button. You don’t need to know any programming language to configure and use it. It’s veritably easy to fill it with your tasks, make UI changes, change your Admod ID start to gain experience in promoting your game and earning money from your Game.
All Lamps must be connected and all spaces on the game board must be filled for the level to be complete.
This challenging board game requires logical skills so user can improve their IQ while playing.

Features list:
Music On/Off Button
Review Button
IAP: Supports
1000+ Level with Simple gameplay in board games with lines.
Easy to add levels. The fixed power line can be rotated
Admob : banner,InterstitiaI,Video +
Easy To Reskin.
Unity Version: 201 9.3.1 5f1
Supports IL2CPP
ANDROID ARM64 & ARMv7 & x86 + Bundle
Requirements :
Unity free license version 2019 or later
macOS and Xcode for building iOS
Current version Unity 201 9.3.1 5f1

Requirements :
Unity free license version 2019 or later
macOS and Xcode for build iOS

Current version –
Unity 2019.3.15f1

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Skype ID: Gameosophy

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