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Cricket Contest | Create Your Own Cricket Tournament App

The REAL MONEY (Earning Booster) APP

 Game Type


  • 1 vs 1 Real time play.
  • 1 Winner Tournament.
  • 3 Winner Tournament.
  • 4 Winner Tournament.

    Rozerpay Payment Gateway

    App Features

    01. Attractive UI
    02. Google login/sign up.
    03. Welcome Bonus.
    04. Demo Credit on New account signup.
    05. Refer and earn.
    06. Transaction Details.
    07. PAYTM withdraw.
    08. Minimum Withdraw Value.
    09. Score Auto calculate.
    10. Auto Winner Decide.


Double Wallet

 Deposit Wallet.

 Bonus Wallet.


 Refer earning added in to Bonus Wallet.
 Bonus will be used on Gameplay.


Everything on Automation


 Contest Create Automatic.
 Score Calculate Automatic.
 Winner Decide Automatic.
 Add Winning Amount to Wallet Automatic.


Admin panel Features 


 Track and Manage User.
 Manage Users Wallet.
 Manage Notification.
 Manage withdraw Request.
 Check Game Play.

 Add games.
 Manage T&C and Privacy Policy.
 Manage Contest (Entry fee & Winning Amount)
 Extract Withdraw Details to .CSV or .Excel
 Track Today’s Activity.


In-App Update Available

 Mange Reffer Amount
 Refund Entry fee when Match Draw or Cancelled
 No need to manage admin panel , No need to Hire a staff (Everything on Automation)
 Live Chat System

Demo Apk: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rMoLgqY8JeD0rFEDkqaVaKB2aThCKIXB/view?usp=share_link
Documentation : https://gamety-in.gitbook.io/contest/

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