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Dive into a captivating puzzle adventure with Floating Penguin Quest! This easy-to-play game loved by over 40 million players offers a refreshing take on traditional puzzles.

Effortless Block Matching: Enjoy the freedom to move and match any same-shaped blocks. Forget the frustration of clunky controls; simply swipe and slide to create matches of 4 or more and progress through the game.

Traverse Diverse Environments: Your penguin pal awaits! Journey through icy oceans, vibrant beaches, and bustling towns as you confront villainous sharks who stole precious crystals. Along the way, encounter a cast of quirky characters, each with their own unique personality and challenges to overcome.

User-Friendly Navigation: Effortlessly navigate between regions using the helpful navigation feature. No more getting lost or frustrated trying to find your way; the intuitive navigation system ensures you can spend less time wandering and more time solving puzzles.

Empowering Supporter Cards: Collect an array of Supporter Cards featuring Penguin's friends to unlock advantageous effects and elevate your gameplay experience. These special cards grant you unique abilities, such as power-ups to clear entire rows of blocks or helpful hints to guide you through particularly tricky puzzles.

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Asit K

30 April 2024

Happy to purchase it. Thank you to the support team.

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