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Ludo Master - Unity Project: Features and Gameplay

Here's a breakdown of potential features and gameplay for a Ludo Master project built with Unity:


  • Classic Ludo Rules: Follow the standard Ludo rules where players roll dice, move their tokens around the board, and aim to be the first to reach the finish area.
  • Multiplayer Support: Allow for online and offline multiplayer. Online play could be through accounts, friend invites, or matchmaking. Offline could be local multiplayer with AI opponents.
  • Dice Mechanics: Implement a fair dice-rolling system with animations.


  • Board Customization: Enable players to unlock or purchase different board themes.
  • Token Customization: Offer various designs or allow players to personalize their tokens.
  • Matchmaking System (Online): Create a system for players to find matches based on skill level or preference (ranked/unranked).
  • Daily Rewards: Incorporate a daily reward system to keep players engaged, like a daily spin wheel for coins or power-ups.
  • Chat System (Online): Integrate a chat system for players to interact during online matches.
  • Monetization: Consider incorporating monetization options like in-app purchases for cosmetic items or power-ups (avoiding pay-to-win mechanics). You could also integrate rewarded ads (watching ads for in-game rewards).
  • Leaderboards and Achievements: Implement leaderboards to track player progress and achievements to add a competitive element.
  • Profiles: Allow players to create profiles to track their stats, unlocked items, and achievements.
  • Animations and Sound Effects: Include animations for dice rolls, token movements, and game events. Add sound effects for actions and background music.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Design a clear, intuitive interface for easy navigation and gameplay.


Additional Considerations:

  • Platform Support: Develop for mobile platforms (iOS, Android) to reach a wider audience. Unity simplifies cross-platform development.
  • AI Difficulty Levels: Offer different AI difficulty levels for offline play.
  • Social Media Integration: Consider integrating with social media platforms to allow players to share their achievements and invite friends.

You can customize and expand on these features to create a unique and engaging Ludo experience for your players.


  • Unity free license (version 2019 or later)
  • macOS and Xcode (for iOS builds)

Current Version:

  • Unity 2019.2.5f1

This project is a great way to learn Unity development and create a fun and engaging game!


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by Kat D 04 May 2024


Ludo Master lets you enjoy the fun wherever you are. It's a great pick-up-and-play game that's perfect for short bursts of Ludo madness. I get to enjoy seeing the dice roll and the tokens come to life. It's a great app for all ages & nice customization.


Kat D Purchased

04 May 2024

Ludo Master offers a layer of strategy. I plan my moves, try to outsmart my opponents and block their tokens. It's a great balance of chance and skill that keeps the game exciting. I'm so glad to buy this game.

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