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Last Update - 30/11/2023

  • Fix UI Texture and material
  • Fix minor bugs
  • Update SDK
  • Update editor


Certainly! Here's the updated description with the addition of AdMob integration instructions:

"Once Upon a Tower" is an enchanting and action-packed mobile game that invites players to embark on a fairytale adventure like no other. In a world where princesses aren't damsels in distress but fierce heroines, you'll take control of a brave princess determined to break free from her tower prison.

As the courageous princess, you must navigate a treacherous tower filled with obstacles, monsters, and challenges. Armed with your trusty weapon, you'll smash through floors, battle formidable foes, and uncover the secrets hidden within the tower's depths.

The game offers a unique twist on the classic "princess in a tower" trope, empowering players to take charge of their destiny. With stunning visuals, dynamic gameplay, and a whimsical fairytale setting, "Once Upon a Tower" promises hours of thrilling escapades and endless fun.

But that's not all! We've integrated AdMob, the leading mobile advertising platform, into the game to provide you with a seamless experience. Monetize your game and enhance player engagement by implementing various ad types such as banners, interstitials, and rewarded ads. Follow our simple Unity code integration guide to get started:

1. **Install Google Mobile Ads SDK:** Download and import the latest Google Mobile Ads SDK package into your Unity project.

2. **Set Up Your AdMob Account:** Sign up for an AdMob account and create ad units to start earning revenue.

3. **Initialize AdMob:** Add code to initialize AdMob using your AdMob App ID.

4. **Implement Ads:** Integrate ad types like banners, interstitials, and rewarded ads into your game using the provided code snippets.

With AdMob, you can turn your "Once Upon a Tower" adventure into a rewarding experience, both for players and developers. Are you ready to rewrite the story and guide this daring princess on her quest for freedom while maximizing your game's potential? Download "Once Upon a Tower" now and embark on a legendary journey filled with excitement, danger, adventure, and lucrative ad integration!


Requirements :
Unity free license version 2021 or later
macOS and Xcode for build iOS

Current version –
Unity  2021.3.7f1

Contact us on Skype for technical help
Skype ID: Gameosophy

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