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Wedo – Ecommerce Mobile App Bootstrap Template

Introducing the “Wedo Mobile Application PWA Template” – Your Ultimate Solution for Crafting Seamless Mobile Experiences!

Revolutionize your mobile projects with the cutting-edge “Wedo Mobile Application PWA Template.” Designed to empower your creativity and enhance user engagement, this template is the perfect launchpad for your next mobile application or Progressive Web App (PWA).

Unleash the Power: Built a top the robust foundation of Bootstrap 5, Wedo offers parallel power and flexibility. Its comprehensive set of features is designed to elevate your mobile endeavors to new heights.

Pioneering PWA Capability: Being ready with our PWA ready template. Seamlessly integrate your creation into users’ home screens, offering a premium app-like experience that sets you apart.

Elegance Meets Ease: Craft exceptional user interfaces with ease, thanks to reusable components and a user-friendly code structure. Effortlessly piece together your vision by seamlessly copying and pasting blocks to bring your dream pages to life in mere minutes.

Stunning Themes, Dark and Light Mode: Dive into a world of visual excellence with both stunning light and captivating dark mode options. User’s preferences are catered to, ensuring they always enjoy an interface that resonates with their style.

A Symphony of Components: Embark on a journey of limitless possibilities with our comprehensive array of components, each carefully curated to elevate your user experience:

Comprehensive Documentation and Stellar Support: Welcome to our world-class template ecosystem, where excellence in support and documentation is at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated support team is committed to ensuring your experience with our templates And our user-friendly documentation is designed with your needs in mind.

Empower Developers, Elevate Results: For developers, our template boasts a powerful API and programmatic calls. Customize menus, action sheets, modals, and more effortlessly. Transition your projects seamlessly, whether they’re powered by WordPress, Laravel, or any potent CMS.

Intrigued? Dive into the realm of “Wedo” Unleash innovation, captivate users, and forge a mobile experience that leaves a lasting impression. Your journey to mobile excellence begins now.

Key Features

  • Bootstrap 5 Backbone: Powered by Bootstrap 5, our template is the epitome of responsive design and seamless user interaction.
  • PWA at Its Core: Immerse your users in the realm of Progressive Web Applications, where your creation becomes an integral part of their digital lives.
  • 100+ Elements for Limitless Creativity: Embrace endless possibilities with our rich collection of over 100 elements, each crafted to elevate your user experience.
  • 45+ Pages for Every Need: Whatever your project demands, our template delivers. With over 45+ pages at your disposal, you’re equipped to conquer any challenge.
  • Effortless Node Package Management: Seamlessly manage your dependencies with Node Package Manager, streamlining your development journey.
  • SCSS for Stylish Versatility: Dive into the world of stylish design with SCSS, allowing you to create captivating visuals with ease.
  • Elegant Dark Mode: Embrace elegance and versatility with Dark Mode, giving users the choice to experience your creation in a whole new light.
  • Next-gen CSS & HTML5: Build with the latest in CSS and HTML5 technologies, ensuring compatibility with modern devices and browsers.
  • Header and Footer Magic: Engage users with varieties of header and footer menu options, offering intuitive navigation and easy access.
  • Enhanced Sidebar Experience: Cater to diverse layouts with left and right sidebar options, optimizing user interaction.
  • Alerts, Toasts & More: Elevate user interaction with dynamic alerts, toasts, and automated online/offline detection.
  • Dynamic Form Elements: Explore a range of form elements, including autocomplete, range input, and more, enhancing user engagement.
  • Accordion & Timeline: Present information elegantly with accordion-style content and dynamic timelines.
  • Lightgallery : Showcase your visual content in style with an Lightgallery.
  • Bug-Free Assurance: Experience a seamless user journey with our rigorously tested and debugged code.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Be confident in reaching users across different browsers with our steadfast cross-browser support.
  • Language Picker: Offer a multilingual experience with a language picker that adapts to diverse audiences.
  • OTP Pages for Enhanced Security: Elevate security with dedicated OTP pages, catering to multifactor authentication needs.
  • Versatile Shop Pages: Dive into e-commerce with versatile shop pages, offering a seamless shopping experience.
  • User Profile Empowerment: Allow users to personalize their experience with dedicated user profile pages.
  • Authentication Excellence: Elevate user trust with thoughtfully designed authentication pages.
  • Google Fonts Integration: Infuse your creation with Google Fonts, enhancing typographic elegance and diversity.
  • Easy Customization, Total Control: Tailor your experience effortlessly with easy customization options that grant you full control.
  • W3Validation HTML:Elevate your web presence by validating HTML files for impeccable code quality, seamless functionality, and improved SEO rankings.
  • Impeccable Code Quality: Our codebase is characterized by cleanliness and 100% validation, ensuring stability and reliability.

Make a mark on the digital world with our “Wedo Mobile Application PWA Template”. Elevate your digital experiences, captivate your audience, and achieve excellence that stands the test of time. Your vision, powered by our template, awaits its masterpiece.

Template Features

  • HTML Files
  • 05+ Authentication screen
  • Light & Dark layout
  • Multiple Color options
  • Rtl Layout
  • Sidebar Menu
  • Progressive Web Application (PWA)
  • Swiper Slider
  • SASS Compatible
  • jQuery Included
  • Bootstrap 5
  • 45+ Inner Pages
  • FontAwesome
  • Feather Icon
  • Flaticon
  • SEO Optimized
  • Clean Coded
  • High Speed Performance
  • Proper Documentation
  • Flexible Layout
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Fast Supports
  • All Files are Well Commented
  • Free Google Web Fonts

Whats Included

  • splash screen
  • Onboarding screen
  • Welcome screen
  • Authentication screen
    • Login
    • Register
    • Forgot Password
    • Otp Confirm
    • Change Password
  • Applications screen
    • Index/Home Screen
    • Category Screen
    • Cart Screen
    • Products Screen
    • Product-Detail Screen
    • Product-List Screen
    • Checkout Screen
    • Filter Screen
    • Featured Screen
    • Address Screen
    • Order Screen
    • Search Screen
    • Notification Screen
    • Tracking-Order Screen
    • Order Screen
    • Payment Screen
    • Account/profile Screen
    • Edit-Profile Screen
    • Coupons Screen
    • Payment Screen
    • Error-404 Page
  • Chat Screen
    • Chat List
    • Chat
  • UI Elements
    • Accordion
    • Alert
    • Avatar
    • Badge
    • Breadcrumb
    • Button
    • Button Group
    • Card
    • Input
    • Dropdown
    • Collapse
    • Radio Button
    • Timeline
    • Social
    • List group
    • Modal
    • Tabs
    • Switch
    • Divider
    • Stepper
    • Offcanvas
    • Pagination
    • Placeholder
    • progress
    • Scrollspy
    • Spinners
    • Toasts
    • Typography
    • LightGalery


  • “Open Sans”, sans-serif
  • “Poppins”,sans-serif.


Note : Images used in the demo are not provided in download package.


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